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what is a COSMo?


A Cosmo is a gentleman who is 21+ years of age and is of Italian descent (i.e. born in Italy, parents are Italian, or their spouse is of Italian descent).


Members of Cosmos Club of Fair Lawn Inc. are called to always put the "golden rule" into effect. What unites our organization is the love and appreciation our members have for their Italian heritage. While Cosmos come from near and far, we support local communities and those in need.  

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What does a COSMO do? 

Cosmos Club of Fair Lawn Inc. is proud to be recognized for its charitable efforts by other organizations and among our own members. Some events and programs are those such as; The Cosmos Club Scholarship Program, our annual Children's Christmas Party, donations to Local Fire & Police organizations, sponsoring a youth baseball team, food pantries, and other various donations we give back to.  

Find out more about becoming a 

member of Cosmos Club of Fair Lawn Inc. here

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